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Headquarters (Now in 4 Colors!) 1.6.1

Bold, graphically rich dark gaming theme. Available in Blue, Green Orange and Red

  1. Nulumia

    Headquarters is our classic dark gaming style. Visually rich yet balanced, this flexible style is great for anyone looking for an impressive gaming theme. Originally created for vBulletin 4, Headquarters has now been ported and overhauled to take advantage of the Xenforo platform and its amazing capabilities, providing more new features than ever!

    Now Available In Orange!

    View attachment 154798

    Headquarter's visually impressive graphics will leave a bold impression on your visitors. Be the envy of your guests and check out what's packaged under the hood below! (There's far more included than could be written here!)


    • Customizable Header - PSD template included! Fonts & styles ready to use, or swap in your own logo!
    • NulumiaBase System includes hundreds of style edits to Xenforo as a part of all our skins.
    • Tested with over 100 mods! Our themes are compatible and tightly integrated with dozens of third party addons for Xenforo
    • Fully Responsive, plus Fixed Width or Fluid mode
    • Amazing visuals, drawn from 12 years in creative design experience
    • Google Fonts & FontAwesome
    • 18 header presets
    • Free Slideshow feature
    • Footer blocks and parallax banner
    • Floating or "Boxed" Footer style
    • Regular or "Tabbed" widgets
    • Transition effects and CSS input glows
    • Dozens of features & settings

    Think highly complex themes can't be responsive?

    Watch Headquarters stretch from 1920px (in Fluid Mode) down to a mobile screen!

    Our Ultra themes are crafted with dozens of hours to engineer clever ways of collapsing graphic-heavy HTML into small sizes.



    Don’t have a slideshow plugin? No Problem.
    Our premium themes now include a built-in slideshow feature. No need to install or manage plugins, our slider works purely from templates and Style Properties!


    Choose from 9 total block locations to enable for your footer! Choose from a top row with optional parallax background mode, two upper blocks, a row of four columns, and two lower blocks. Easily customized with your HTML content, or use them instead for Widget Framework!


    Multiple social media locations
    Place links to your social media profiles in various locations by toggling settings in your admin dashboard!


    Customize Your Header
    No Photoshop? No problem. Headquarters comes with 18 different header presets for your background.




    1. xenforo-gaming-style-headquarters-clan-theme-account.jpg
    2. xenforo-gaming-style-headquarters-clan-theme-footer.jpg
    3. xenforo-gaming-style-headquarters-clan-theme-forum.jpg
    4. xenforo-gaming-style-headquarters-clan-theme-header.jpg